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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

IVF Update

So yesterday I had my second appointment at the Fertility Center at Clovis Community. Well, technically my third, but my second since we've started the medications. David started giving me injections in my stomach (yikes) on the 1st of August until the 6th of August. So yesterday we had an ultrasound to see how my follicles (pre-eggs, if you will) are growing. Sadly, they aren't as big as they would like them to be at this point. So, we're doubling up on the shots. All of my medications arrived early last week and holy cow..I've never seen so much medicine in my life. So, I'll continue a higher dose of the shot I was already taking, and we're adding a different one that came with the shipment. Friday afternoon I will go for another ultrasound, and more bloodwork to see if they are growing. Please pray for us that they do! He said the issue is low ovarian reserve. They did a blood test three days into my menstural cycle in July to check on all kinds of stuff, and it did show low in that area. Reason being is my age (27?! I know right?! How the eff can 40 year olds get pregnant?), he said around 27 is when women stop producing good quality eggs. But obviously I've been producing good eggs long before, so they just need a lot of stimulating. So, we are praying hard that these medicines work. Did I mention they are super painful? Yep. But..the end result, if successful, will be more than worth it. Not to mention my cute husband tells me "Sorry baby" after every shot and gives me a smooch. Gosh I love him, even if he's poking me with needles.

I have to give a shout out to all of my amazing friends and family. Even before this process I've had such a wonderful support system. But after yesterday, wow. I was overwhelmed with the amount of texts, Facebook comments and messages I recieved. I am one blessed lady! So many people are pulling for us, I can only imagine how loved our sweet baby will be. Speaking of our sweet baby, my husband has been melting my heart lately. He is SO excited about having a baby. He even bought these pretty pricey pacifiers that are made by an orthodontist, wipes for the pacifiers since obviously they hit the ground a lot, and some ADORABLE little Winnie The Pooh vans (gender neutral of course). He's working hard around the house to get things ready, we both have big ideas for the nursery, we agree on ALMOST every name...and are just so excited to bring a little piece of us into the world. Our baby may not be conceived the "natural" way..but my goodness will that little one be so loved.

So..until Friday when we will hopefully have some good news. Keep us in your prayers! I have stated before, I have felt very led by God to do this process of IVF. I know he is with me at every appointment, and he's there when I need him. It's all in his timing, which can be so frusterating, but yet so perfect at the same time.

On a side note, today, August 8th, was my due date with our angel we lost in 2007. You are never forgotten little one. You were so very tiny, but you were a part of me. I know I will meet you in Heaven someday, and as much as it hurt, I take comfort in knowing you are in an amazing place, being taken care of by our wonderful Father.

Psalm 139:13 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb.

I leave you with a song I have clung to for years. It's amazing, and I hope you'll listen.

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