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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Disney Challenge #10

Disney Challenge #10: Favorite Song

Man! This is a toughie! Ask my husband or stepdaughter..I'm pretty much known for going around singing Disney tunes here and there. I've been bugging my husband forever to buy me this super expensive cd compilation of all the Disney songs. I don't think it's the price that bothers's the having to listen to it part. There's just so many songs that I love, that I grew up loving. But, I'm going to have to go with a song from the first movie I can remember getting totally obsessed over. Of course I mentioned in an earlier post, Oliver & Company is the first Disney movie I remember seeing in the theater and I still adore it to this day (Sheesh, by now it's apparent I love them all. Except those lousy direct to dvd sequels. Ick) but I was 4, and in the "Princess Stage" (Wait..did I ever grow out of that phase? Anyone?) and a movie called.."The Little Mermaid" came out. Oh boy, did I fall in love.

There's also a sweet story that goes along with this movie. While my mom took me to see it in the theater, a few months later when it came out on VHS I remember my mom buying it for me that day (Did she have any other choice?) along with a PJ Sparkles Doll. Yeah..we won't get into that story. Anyway, the day that I got this movie was the first day I was introduced to the man who would eventually become my father. I remember we had pizza and were all sitting at the table. There was a fork sitting next to my plate, and if any of you are familiar with Ariel, you know about her huge collection of "treasures" that she finds in the water that come from humans. One day she finds a fork, her trusty seagull friend Skuttles tells her it's a "Dinglehopper" and it's used for brushing your hair. Of course after just having watched the VHS and seeing the fork, I had the itch to say "Look mom! It's a dinglehopper!" and started brushing my hair with it. I think this resulted in my mom taking me into my bedroom and giving me a talking to about how forks aren't used for that and I needed to behave at the table.

The night ended with my future dad playing with me for hours, and me jumping on his lap and asking "Are you gonna marry us?". See mom, I knew what I was doing :)
So this is one reason why The Little Mermaid holds such a special place in my heart, it reminds me of the day that I think, we started to become a family.

So, maybe my favorite song is appropriate for my mom and dad..afterall, I know I was hoping he would kiss my mom and live happily ever after!

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